Ed Charlton, author
Ed Charlton

We started Scribbulations in 2005. Since then we’ve seen a few books, some good, some needed work.

Likewise, we’ve met a few authors, some know a lot, all are learning.

There’s no harm in asking for help. No one knows it all.

Contact us to set up an introductory call with Ed Charlton.
He’ll assess where you are with your book and what you might need.¬† You will draw the boundaries of what you want to do yourself and what you’d like Scribbulations to do for you.
We don’t try and up-sell you on services you don’t need.

We’ve worked with novelists, memoirists, business authors,¬†poets, and more.

We’ve worked with CreateSpace, KDP, Ingram’s Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, Smashwords, and Nook Press, and Apple’s iBooks.

What can we do for you?

Finish Your Book
  • Ed says, “I was at an author panel with a NYT best selling author who said her career only took off after her fifth book was accepted for publication. I asked what the difference was between the first four and the fifth.
    ‘I finished it.'”
  • If finishing your book is a problem, we can point you to some great resources.
  • Never hand the book over to an editor or a layout designer and then start making more changes. They have to work on the finished manuscript. Don’t make them do their work twice.
Preparing Your Book for Publication
  • Once you have finished the writing, polishing, realizing what a mistake you made and fixing it, and generally not being able to let go…it’s time to have it edited. But only if you have really finished!
  • Learn more about editing.
  • Decide how to create your cover. Hint: Don’t use clip art.
  • Have the interior professionally laid out.
Where to publish
  • Is CreateSpace good or evil?
  • Who are Ingram anyway?
  • Should I do a print edition or not?
Preparing for Marketing
  • No author likes it, but you have to do it!
  • Live events, give aways, business cards, bookmarks, posters, and oh yes, books!
  • Branding and being a business person

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