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The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir:
A Speculative Fiction Romantic Adventure Mystery

Theo Kingman inherited a problem: great-uncle Teddy’s unpublished memoir of an impossible life in the fabulous place called Aleronde.
Why is Theo sending only certain chapters to publisher and childhood friend, Curt?
Why does Curt find Teddy’s descriptions disturbingly familiar?

In copied letters, collected emails, office notes, and of course, the pages of Uncle Teddy’s own manuscript, Ed Charlton pieces together a tale of empire, conquest, slavery, betrayal, romance, adventure, and mystery. Is it speculative? Is it even fiction at all…?


“This witty experiment follows the correspondence surrounding an enigmatic manuscript. Deftly balancing the manners of the modern world with the towering revelations of great science fiction, Ed Charlton’s novel is an adventure for the mind and serious fun!”
Jason Ronstadt – The Odd Way Home