Colleen North
William North (1927-2011) was a distinguished painter carrying on the tradition of the great age of impressionism-working from life, painting
Authors from the US and Canada, through an open and anonymized submission process, share their tales of gratitude with a
I was using Google, as one does, when I found an old article I hadn't seen. It can be found
Publishing is more art than science. For example, when using Ingram's publishing arm Spark, one can create a paperback and
Ruth is a lifelong resident of Nutley, New Jersey. Art has been her avocation and passion since childhood. She holds
Nancy-Jo Taiani
  When Nancy-Jo Taiani was in elementary school she was terrified whenever a teacher assigned an essay that might reveal
Born in Trieste, Italy, a graduate of the Medical School at the University of Padua, Margaret Brisco was one of
Joe Del Priore is a prolific author whose work has been appearing in print since 1982. Joe’s essays, poems, short
Ina C. Schoonover, former technical writer and project manager, has been writing stories and poetry since she was a very
Check out Where Were the Angels? from Grace Aqualina. Unpopular vice principal Vic Barnes is shot onstage in an auditorium