Cover Artists

Creating a cover for an indie book is one of the important milestones.

With traditional publishing, the author normally has no say over the cover.
When you are publishing yourself, you have all the responsibility to make the cover a good one.
In the old days they’d say, “Your cover has to stand out across the bookstore.” Now, however, your cover has to stand out as a thumbnail image. This makes a huge difference to the parameters for design, font and layout.

We recommend resisting the temptation to use clip-art – even in your own collages.
We recommend resisting the temptation to use royalty-free stock images. (Here’s why.)

If you can afford to hire a cover artist, do so.
If you can’t, then take your own photographs, use Photoshop to enhance them (or hire someone to do that part for you).

We have some great cover artists who will be happy to work with you. We can even find you a Photoshop guru. Contact Us.

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