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Nancy-Jo Taiani

Nancy-Jo Taiani

When Nancy-Jo Taiani was in elementary school she was terrified whenever a teacher assigned an essay that might reveal any of her feelings.
So, she majored in Math.
Later, working in technology, she wrote for and edited an in-house newsletter while working on several stories for children—still not showing any private feelings.
But, what’s more personal than a memoir?

Perhaps the influence of The Montclair Write Group helped Nancy-Jo overcome terror to write Healing Father John.
Maybe it was her determination to introduce others to Father Nickas, or his personal goal to teach her to have more self-confidence, or all three things working together.

Nancy-Jo lives in New Jersey with her husband of thirty-three years and two very opinionated cats, Peter and Mish Mish. The latter has a website at Mish-Mish Spy Cat. Nancy-Jo enjoys painting, gardening, and hiking in the spare time left her from her activism for social justice.

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