The Problem With Uncle Teddy’s Memoir

The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir: A Speculative Fiction Romantic Adventure Mystery┬áby Ed Charlton.

Theo Kingman inherited a problem: great-uncle Teddy’s unpublished memoir of an impossible life in the fabulous place called Aleronde.

Why is Theo sending only certain chapters to publisher and childhood friend, Curt? Why does Curt find Teddy’s descriptions disturbingly familiar?

In copied letters, collected emails, office notes, and of course, the pages of Uncle Teddy’s own manuscript, Ed Charlton pieces together a tale of empire, conquest, slavery, betrayal, romance, adventure, and mystery.

Is it speculative? Is it even fiction at all…?

Ed writes,

So, you’re thinking e-books have replaced print books… Here’s a book definitely read best in print; the look of every page is part of the story!

Technically, this is an epistolary novella–a story told through letters, notes, e-mails, and manuscript pages. And if you didn’t know it, the author is doing something rare, and, in sci-fi, even rarer.

The characters will stay with you in a different way, because they are always writing in their own voices. And you’ll remember the mysterious, magnificent, terrible place called Aleronde.

Physically, the book stands out from homogenized sci-fi stock because of its unusual format: 8.5×11 inches.

You’ll find this a memorable read and a tactile and visual experience, complete with coffee stains. You know…like reading used to be!

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