Swimming Against The Tide

by Gloria Tausk Glickman — 9781935751083
Gloria Tausk Glickman

Power… Money… Jealousy… Deceit… Jessica Allen experiences it all.
In Swimming Against The Tide, Wall Street novice, Jessica Allen, starts out as a twenty-something trainee and evolves into the forty-something corporate executive she always knew she could be.

Swimming Against The Tide is a powerful and poignant novel drawn from Gloria Tausk Glickman’s thirty-year career at seven Fortune 500 companies.

Through fiction based on reality, the author provides guidelines for successfully navigating the rough waters of life—even when swimming against the tide.

Diane Honeysett, Copperfields Book Store, Healdsburg, California, wrote to the author, “Your book was an addictive read and a timeless chronicle of a woman’s struggles in the corporate world. Not so different from today at all.”

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