Plowed In: More Switchblade Stories

by Joe Del Priore — 9781935751151
Joe Del Priore

Joe Del Priore asks,

Who is Plowed In?
A modern pirate, burned-out and depressed over working conditions.
A lovesick man, needing only a postage stamp but watching his life unravel.
A father, obsessed with winning his son’s kite competition.
A hardy group of explorers, almost perishing on an expedition to reach Larchmont.
A helpful man, explaining how to use a hand puppet to attract women.
Parade consultants, making harsh judgments about a town’s planned celebration.
Jimi Hendrix, returning after decades out of touch in France, discovering a whole new music experience.
A customer furious at a supermarket, vowing revenge after snowplows bury his car in the parking lot.
A photographer with no sense of privacy, getting a taste of his own medicine.
A neighborhood, under attack by unknown assailants shooting pellets.
The Pope, kidnapped in Cuba!
And more…

We are all plowed in at various points. Relish how these characters deal with it without losing their minds.

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