by William North --- 9781935751069 A celebration of the artist William North and his paintings of Florida's oranges and citrus
Arlene McCarren
by Arlene McCarren --- ISBN 9781935751076 With her honesty and her humor, Arlene McCarren takes us to places we may
by William North --- ISBN 9781935751038 William North was a distinguished painter carrying on the tradition of the great age
by Andrea Waddell --- ISBN 9781935751007 We knew Andrea wrote poetry, but it was not until after her death that
by George Hickman --- ISBN 9781935751045 Half A Heart is a father's personal story of his son's battle with a
by Joe Del Priore --- ISBN 9780962931192 Switchblade stories - some short, some very short - that uncover the bright
by Ina C. Schoonover --- ISBN 9780962931154 A love story. A novel with historical roots. A gripping combination. Set in
by Ashley Goodman --- ISBN 9781935751014 From Ashley Goodman "I prefer to let the poems speak for themselves. I do
by Ashley Goodman --- ISBN 9780962931130 "This collection of verse, poems and song lyrics is an excursion through my time,"