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Where Were the Angels?
Grace Aqualina – Where Were the Angels? Unpopular vice principal Vic Barnes is shot onstage in an auditorium filled with
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ABLE Serial
The ABLE SERIAL by Ed Charlton, is an ongoing sci-fi story featuring the all-too-human Jim Able. (Kindle Only) Jim Able
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The Problem With Uncle Teddy’s Memoir
The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir: A Speculative Fiction Romantic Adventure Mystery┬áby Ed Charlton. Theo Kingman inherited a problem: great-uncle
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When Visitors Come to Tea
  When Visitors Come to Tea A Short Story by Ed Charlton. In which an extraterrestrial receives a lesson in
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Hummingbird Tales: The Beginning
by Ruth Frazier — 97819357512-2 Noggin the hummingbird, the last egg in the nest to hatch, finds that being a
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The Way It Was: Memories of a Woman Doctor
by Margaret Brisco — 9781935751175 In The Way It Was: Memories of a Woman Doctor, Margaret Brisco gives voice to
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Plowed In: More Switchblade Stories
by Joe Del Priore — 9781935751151 Joe Del Priore asks, Who is Plowed In? A modern pirate, burned-out and depressed
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Gospels of Rage
by Forest White — 9781935751137 In poems of depraved depth, cruel devotion, and terrible beauty, Gospels of Rage issues a
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Healing Father John
by Nancy-Jo Taiani — 978-1935751090 Caring about and for someone who has a serious disease can feel like a roller-coaster
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Swimming Against The Tide
by Gloria Tausk Glickman — 9781935751083 Power… Money… Jealousy… Deceit… Jessica Allen experiences it all. In Swimming Against The Tide,
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