Coming to a Kindle near YOU (just in time for Christmas!)

Coming to a Kindle near YOU whichever holiday you celebrate!

The start of an adventure, the new eBook ABLE is the first episode of an open-ended serial. Follow the story of Jim Able as he encounters new civilizations, outmaneuvers his boss, and samples strange cuisines. Oh…and pays large sums of money to aliens.

Like all good sci-fi heroes, Jim Able works in outer space. Although he has returned to duty after a disastrous encounter on a previous assignment, he is determined to enjoy his work. His boss may be on his case, but he still manages to drink a little too much, to eat dubious food, and to smell the alien

In the first episode, Jim is sent to Turcanis Major V to solve a mystery but with strict instructions not to start a war. Will he find the alien calling himself “Edward of Turcania”? Will he discover who has qualified for the First Contact fee? Will he accidentally foment a revolution?

With the help of a local female scientist, Madhar Nect, Jim investigates the religious minority of TMV’s main moon. He calls on all his patience, determination, and improvisation to finally secure an interview with a Regdenir.

And then the trouble starts…

You can get a copy here:   Sure! Let’s give it a try!

There will be a fun file of bonus materials available at related to this episode :
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The story will continue in SOPHA.

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