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The Problem With Uncle Teddy’s Memoir


The Problem With Uncle Teddy's Memoir
The Problem With Uncle Teddy’s Memoir


So, you’re thinking e-books have replaced print books… Here’s a book definitely read best in print; the look of every page is part of the story!

Technically, this is an epistolary novella–a story told through letters, notes, e-mails, and manuscript pages. And if you didn’t know it, the author is doing something rare, and, in sci-fi, even rarer.

The characters will stay with you in a different way, because they are always writing in their own voices. And you’ll remember the mysterious, magnificent, terrible place called Aleronde.

Physically, the book stands out from homogenized sci-fi stock because of its unusual format: 8.5×11 inches.

You’ll find this a memorable read and a tactile and visual experience, complete with coffee stains. You know…like reading used to be!


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