New Sci-fi Serial

Ever wondered what happened when Flash Gordon got back to the office and had to fill in his expenses?

That thought started me on a long writing journey. The result is a new ongoing sci-fi serial – The Able Series.

Jim Able works in outer space. Although he has returned to duty after a disastrous encounter on a previous assignment, he is determined to enjoy his work. His boss may be on his case, but he still manages to drink a little too much, to eat dubious food, and to smell the alien flora…[more]

Episode One, just called ABLE, is available. Episode Two, called SOPHA, is on its way.

In the meantime there is some really neat bonus materials to go along with Episode One available from the Free Download box on this screen. Get it now, it won’t be a Free Download for long!

This series is only available on Kindle.

For more info click here

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