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August Authors – Judith Rook

August Authors!

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Judith Rook was born and raised in rural Yorkshire in the UK. [Note the use of UK spelling herein. Ed] The nearest city was Bradford, the great centre for wool processing, but she remembers fields running up to moorland much more clearly than mill chimneys.

Judith’s early writing was done in old accountants’ ledgers which had blank sheets interleaved with the ruled pages. She wrote on the ruled pages as well. Not thinking of becoming a writer, Judith wrote whatever she felt like writing: stories, poems, reflections. Then life intervened and her imagination went underground. For some time, she worked in education and wrote articles and reviews about music.
After a few years, Judith began to write fiction. Recording ideas that had been bottled up for a long time, she thought that she had become an author. When rejection notices came in she joined two writing groups, developed her technical skills and learned how to write stories for other people.
Judith is an avid reader. Sci-fi is her favourite genre, then come the great classics, followed closely by fantasy. However, her taste is reasonably universal and perhaps one day she will try her hand at thrillers or crime stories. Judith greatly admires good crime writers.
As a young woman Judith emigrated to Western Australia where she lives now with a cat and a computer. From time to time she stirs herself to rally around important social issues and has been known to take to the streets in support, so long as there are good cafés along the way.
Periodically Judith turns to short stories. She finds that the challenges of short story writing refresh and strengthen the techniques which she uses in her novels.

Circe is one of the sentient planets in the system; she can think, and the humans who live with her are slightly different from the humans on other planets. However, they keep themselves to themselves and do not make contact with non-thinking planets. But now Circe is reaching out to First Home, the technological giant, the strongest world of the solar system, because she has sensed a great danger approaching from far off in the galaxy, and she is making plans to deal with it.
Tethyn must escort the envoy and his entourage on an expedition to her hidden family home where he will encounter the planet herself, see some of her powers and learn about her past. The envoy is deeply affected by the experience. During the excursion Tethyn admits to herself that she has come to love Lewis although in return she cannot hope for anything other than his desire. But desire is not enough, and when Lewis wants to take Tethyn to First Home, she refuses him.
Then personal danger for Lewis arrives. An enemy has followed him from First Home, and lives begin to alter.

August Authors – C. A. King

August Authors!

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C.A. King was born and raised in Halton County. She currently resides in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with her two sons.

After the loss of her loving parents and husband, Ms. King was devastated. She
decided to retire from the workforce for a year or two to do some soul searching.
It was during this time that writing became her passion. She found she was able to redirect her emotions through her writing and in 2014 decided to publish some of her works.

“I need to thank everyone for being so wonderful. It’s amazing when someone reads your work and enjoys the story. I already have people waiting for future books to be released.”

Carol Ann King is proud to have her name join the list of Canadian born authors. She hopes her writing will help inspire another generation of Canadians to continue adding to the literary heritage and rich culture Canada already has to offer. Her books in The Portal Prophecies series are fictional fantasy stories based on opening the door to possibilities.






August Authors – Jason Nugent

August Authors!

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Jason Nugent was born in Cleveland, OH in 1974. He moved to rural Southern Illinois in 1992 and lives there today with his wife, son, and mini-zoo of three cats and two dogs.

Jason is the author of two collections of dark fiction short stories: “(Almost) Average Anthology” and “Moments of Darkness” and the young adult scifi novel “The Selection.”

Jason has written for Sum’n Unique Magazine and game missions for an independently produced video game titled “Status Quo.”

He writes regularly on his blog and can be found at






August Authors – BreeAnn Moore

August Authors!

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Bree Moore has been writing fantasy since the fourth grade. She lives in Ogden, is wife to an amazing husband, and the mother of four children. She writes fantasy novels between doling out cheerios and folding laundry.

“Woven” is Bree’s first published novel, the start of what she intends to be an epic writing career.

In real-life, Bree works as a birth doula and midwife’s assistant, attending women in pregnancy and labor, which is huge inspiration for her writing.



August Authors – S. A. Gibson

August Authors!

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Published author of academic articles and book chapters and post-apocalyptic “woodpunk” fiction, S.A. Gibson turns passions for learning, artificial intelligence, and human communication into accessible worlds of wonder and fascination.

Author of fiction books and stories set in a future without advanced technology, which all interrelate in time and space.

Living with a beautiful spouse and their beloved Dachshund-Chihuahua in Southern California, the writing continues.







August Authors – Cat Banks

August Authors!

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Tora’s been on a lot of awful blind dates. All she wants is to find someone who loves her for who she is, which might be a tall order considering she’s part demon.

But then she goes out with the gorgeous Edan, and the pair immediately hit it off. Edan’s forthcoming about being a dragon, and royalty, to boot, which only makes Tora even more reluctant to risk ruining things by telling him about her demon heritage. However, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t keep it a secret forever.


August Authors – Stan Faryna

August Authors!

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A former National Director of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe, Stan Faryna is an entrepreneur, online strategist, Christian author, blogger, gamer, clumsy gardener, and novelist.

Can you imagine the future? How about the second half of the 2020s? Maybe what you imagine is not how Stan Faryna sees it. 
Beyond the realism of this tragic, near future world stage for Francesco’s story, Faryna offers sharp insights into the human condition, the power of love, and hope. He does so with a nuanced irony and sensitivity that feels too true to ignore – if also difficult to accept. The author asks us to come to a higher place of self-understanding and action, but he does not throw down a gauntlet of big words and intimidating intellectual challenges.


August Authors – Tiger Hebert

August Authors!

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Hello, my name is Tiger Hebert, and I write dark, epic fantasy that dares to hope. My big project at the moment is my Beating Back the Darkness series. The Chronicles of Aurion is a novella that serves as a prelude to the first novel, Dragon’s Fire. This is a five part series, with the next book coming late ’17/early 18′. I also partnered with a fantastic group of writers to produce a free, war-themed anthology titled War Torn, which released on August 1st.

My writing has everything from marauding minotaurs to spell slingin’ sorcerers, and wild battles with dragons and siege weapons. The characters are thrust into impossible situations and the choices they make determine their fate. The stories and worlds are fantastical, but are gritty and bear truths, and that is why I call it dark, epic fantasy that dares to hope. 


August Author – Merri Hamla

August Authors!

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Merri Prudich Halma

Indigo Travelers and the Dragon’s Blood Sword

Xander is just a kid trying to avoid bullies at school when magical beings from a war-torn world arrive searching for help. If he’s truly the fabled Indigo Traveler, Xander will need to summon all his courage to change the heart of a rampaging giant king and restore the peace.

Available on Kindle now for .99 cents for a limited time.