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Arlene McCarren

Arlene McCarren

Arlene McCarren describes herself as a mature Italian American woman who raised five children in her early years and who spent her later years taking care of her desperately ill husband, Jim. After forty-eight years of marriage, Arlene became Jim’s primary caregiver in the final year of his life.

Holding many and varied jobs before and after marriage, Arlene grew and gained experiences, some that prepared her for her final job, some that did not.

Arlene’s Book:
Knitting and Knowing

George Hickman

George Hickman

George Hickman was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He is a self-proclaimed graduate of the school of “Hard Knocks,” a parent who believes people need to express their love for their children at every opportunity because “we never know what tomorrow might bring.”

William North, Colleen North

[one_half]William North[/one_half][one_half_last]    Colleen North[/one_half_last]

William North (1927-2011) was a distinguished painter carrying on the tradition of the great age of impressionism-working from life, painting landscapes in the field and still lifes in the studio.

As his sight failed in his later years, he collaborated with his daughters, Colleen and Karen, to produce two books giving insight into his career and his art.

The work is a celebration of this prolific painter and his subjects ranging from shorelines to citrus groves and historic houses to wind-scarred oranges.

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Joe Del Priore

Joe Del Priore
Pictured as he was in 1964 and, internally at least, how he still is today.

Joe Del Priore is a prolific author whose work has been appearing in print since 1982. Joe’s essays, poems, short stories, profiles, reportage, and reviews have been published in The Hudson Current, Village Voice, Bergen Record, NY Times, Afterword, Tennis Week, The Idiom, Unquiet Desperation, Wings, Soma, Tri-Athlete, Marymark Press, New York Press, Bewildering Stories, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Folio Magazine, and others.

In addition to his written works, Joe has created monologues, skits, and plays that have been performed at New Jersey and New York venues, including Pianos in Bloomfield, Nutley Little Theater, Cornelia Street Café, Theater Vision in NY, Debaun Auditorium, Monroe Street Theater, Bergen County Players, and Bloomfield Cultural Center. Joe’s play, The Gulf, was made into a short film in the spring of 2010.

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Barbara Lipton

Barbara Lipton is a travel writer, speaker and photographer. One example of her work is Village Life in Rajasthan: In 2006, she distributed disposable cameras to the senior class of the Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s College, Malsisar, Rajasthan, India, for students to document their home life.

Ina C. Schoonover

Ina Schoonover

Ina C. Schoonover, former technical writer and project manager, has been writing stories and poetry since she was a very young girl. She comes from a culture that believed children should be seen and not heard. Because of this, she listened intently to the stories told by her elders and became fascinated by them. She wanted to know more…