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The Indie Author Primer – Manuscripts

The first article in Ed Charlton’s column for IndieReader.

What Indie Authors Need to Know About Their Manuscripts

Before you have a printed book, you have a manuscript. These are different things, connected but distinct, like a butterfly and a caterpillar. Some indie authors get confused between the two. They have unrealistic expectations of their manuscript. They expect their caterpillar to fly.

– See more at: http://indiereader.com/2015/03/indie-author-needs-know-manuscrcipt/

Coming Soon…

From Scribbulations’ own Ed Charlton:
978193751250-FrontWhat exactly is The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir?
And what is A Speculative Fiction Romantic Adventure Mystery?

Theo Kingman inherited a problem: great-uncle Teddy’s unpublished memoir of an impossible life in the fabulous place called Aleronde. What are Theo’s motives for selectively sending chapters to his childhood friend and publisher, Curt? Why does Curt find some of the descriptions so disturbingly familiar?

In copied letters, collected emails, office notes, and of course, the pages of Uncle Teddy’s own manuscript, Ed Charlton pieces together a tale of empire, conquest, slavery, betrayal, romance, adventure, and mystery. Is it speculative? Is it even fiction at all…?

The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir will be published later this year.
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R.I.P. to an inspiration

BrianClemens Brian Clemens died recently.
His work on The Avengers – the UK TV series with Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg and others – is still a source of inspiration to writers who aspire to use humor well, to be surreal when appropriate, and want to have fun with their drama.

More at the BBC

…The Avengers writer created some of TV’s most enduring shows. His secret? “There’s no mystery: arse to chair, pen to paper.”

(And I take comfort from his writing space looking a mess.)

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SPBE 2014

Ed Charlton was a speaker at the “Distribution 101″ panel at this year’s Self Publishing Book Expo in New York.

It’s great being in the company of interested and interesting writers. There is so much talent just waiting to get out.


Ed Charlton

Ed Charlton grew up in England and currently lives in a former colony.

After many years toiling in corporate data systems he branched out into writing and, subsequently, to providing publishing services to independent authors. Check out the rest of this site to learn more.

Ed owes a debt of gratitude to all in The Write Group based at the Montclair Public Library in Montclair, NJ. He is a member of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County and the founder of The Write Group: Kennett Square, PA.

He has a reputation for asking, in the middle of long BBC dramas, “When do the aliens land?”

Ed’s Books:
When Visitors Come to Tea

Ruth Frazier

Ruth Frazier

Ruth Frazier

Ruth is a lifelong resident of Nutley, New Jersey. Art has been her avocation and passion since childhood. She holds a Master of Arts Degree from Montclair State University and a degree in graphic design from Kean University. Ruth has won numerous awards for her art and photography and is a member of the Enamel Guild North East USA.

Hummingbird Tales: The Beginning is Ruth’s first children’s book. She continues to write, illustrate, and is currently working on her second.

Margaret Brisco

Margaret Brisco

Margaret Brisco

Born in Trieste, Italy, a graduate of the Medical School at the University of Padua, Margaret Brisco was one of the first women doctors to be in residence at Martland Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.

Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Clara Maas Hospital, where she championed women’s health issues, Dr. Brisco drew upon her experiences to write her first book, Childbirth: A Unique Experience.
Margaret’s enthusiasm for writing has led her to publish two other books, Women in Transition and Metamorphoses.

She is a founder of the The Write Group in Montclair, New Jersey.

Margaret’s Book:
The Way it Was

Forest White

Forest F. White

Forest F. White

Forest F. White of Pacifica, California, is a 2001 graduate of University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Literature.
The only child of a pair of park rangers, Forest grew up in the wilderness of California when it was still unspoiled. He is married to the artist Ashli Sisk, who designed the cover of Gospels Of Rage. Forest, who writes software manuals and leads training courses in his day job, explained that for him, “Poetry is art on your own time.”
He also writes fiction. His science fiction story, “Starchaser,” was short-listed for the Aeon Award in 2010.

His very short story “Purgatory” received an honorable mention from the L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Contest and was published in the Cyclamen’s and Swords e-zine in the same year.

Forest records his stories and poems on his online program, The Pious Paradox, which is free to listen to and download.

He is a former military police officer with the Army Reserve and active participant in veterans’ support groups, most recently with the Combat Paper Project of New Jersey.

He explains the Combat Paper Project “utilizes art making workshops to assist veterans in reconciling and sharing their personal experiences as well as broadening the traditional narrative surrounding service and the military culture.”

In the workshops, military uniforms are cut up, beaten to a pulp, and formed into sheets of paper to be used in various art forms.

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Forest’s Book:
Gospels of Rage